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The contents of this website, along with any products recommended or endorsed by it, its contributors and authors, are for educational purposes only. The scenarios presented and management courses that are recommended are often prototypical and highly stylized in nature. That means that material is often presented in a way which highlights particular features and teaching points of a case. This is not how real-world medicine works. Medicine in the real world is complex and nuanced, and takes into account numerous variables, including pretest probabilities and patient preferences. This is why it is very likely that the clinical scenarios and recommendations presented on this website do NOT apply to your particular situation. Therefore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your own health or the health of any particular person, you should promptly notify your healthcare provider about the specific facts and circumstances. You should then follow only your healthcare provider’s advice and guidance. Nothing on this website is a substitute for, or supplement to, individualized medical attention, nor should anything contained, referenced or evaluated here be regarded as a “learned treatise” by virtue of its inclusion, reference, or evaluation here.

We hope that you enjoy the products that we recommend.  Please note, however, that the recommendations, endorsements and opinions that you will find here are that of the individually named author or authors. They should not be construed to be a reflection of anyone else’s thoughts, beliefs, opinions or sentiments. Further, we have no way of knowing who might actually be happy with the products that we recommend. As such, I suggest that you evaluate the products for yourself and that you decide for yourself. We do not make any express or implied warranties or promises that you will be satisfied with any of the products that are recommended here.

To healthcare practitioners

The aim of this website is to provide useful and accurate educational content. However, mistakes are inevitable, and content can become outdated rather quickly. I therefore encourage you to evaluate primary sources for yourself. If you believe that any of the information we provide is inaccurate or incomplete, kindly post your comment to the blog entry in question or write to me. I will be happy to make any necessary corrections.

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