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Ataxia: The Physical Examination

Ataxia is an extremely important clinical sign that has a broad and important differential diagnosis. Causes of ataxia include posterior circulation strokes and various toxic and metabolic insults to the cerebellum (and sometimes to the spinocerebellar tracts). Ataxia can be a very subtle physical finding, especially when you don’t know what to look for or when you are… Read More »

Examination of the lymph nodes by Dr. Saul Rosenberg

This demonstration of the examination of the lymph nodes by Dr. Saul A. Rosenberg, Professor of Medicine (Emeritus) at Stanford University School of Medicine and a lymphoma specialist, is outstanding. Hat tip: Stanford 25. [vimeo w=400&h=265] Lymph node exam 1 from Blake Charlton on Vimeo. [vimeo w=400&h=265] Lymph Node Exam #2 from Blake Charlton on Vimeo. [vimeo… Read More »

Hip and Groin Examination by Dr. Mark Hutchinson

While most patients cannot discern what’s happening between your ears when you put a stethoscope against their chests, they can easily tell when you are bungling your way through a half-baked shoulder or hip and groin examination. Why is that? Well, patients cannot hear what you are hearing (or not hearing!) through your stethoscope. And even if they… Read More »

The 3-Minute Neurological Examination Done in Two Minutes Flat!

The 3 Minute Neurological Examination is an excellent screening neurological examination which is executed with nearly impeccable skill in two minutes flat. The explanation section, which follows the demonstration, is excellent too! [youtube=]Tests/commands performed are: With eyes closed: Romberg test (proprioception). With eyes opened: tandem gait (heel-to-toe walking). Walk on tip toes (power test of plantar flexion). Walk on heels (power test of… Read More »