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The 25 Best Medical Books of All Time

Here is the Medical Media Review’s as-of-year-2015 list of the best medical books of all time: Dr. Gerald de Lacey, The Chest X-Ray: A Survival Guide by  (2008, reviewed here). Igbaseimokumo, Usiakimi, MD, Brain CT Scans in Clinical Practice (2009, reviewed here) Herring, William, MD, Learning Radiology, Recognizing the Basics, 3e (2015, previous edit reviewed here) Kurtz, Ira, MD, Acid Base Case Studies (2004, reviewed here) Desai, Samir P., MD, Clinician’s Guide to… Read More »

How to Create Effective Board Review Questions

Board review questions should have five elements (these are color coded to match the content of the sample question further below):   The question: 1. The stem. The stem, usually a clinical scenario, is the content which the learner needs to be able absorb and synthesize in order to answer the question correctly. 2. “The Ask.” The ask, or the lead in,… Read More »

2013: Best Medical Books of All Time

Overview Here is my as-of-year-2013 list of the best medical books of all time, books which I consider to be great to spectacular. Anonymous posts are allowed. Please let me know if you have any additional suggestions for inclusion. I would especially like to add to the list books on electrocardiography, sports medicine, oncology and autoimmune diseases, subjects… Read More »

The Medical Media Review 2012 Year in Review

2012 was a record-breaking year for The Medical Media Review. This year, we received more than 4,700 views, and visits from 104 countries, from Bahrain to Bolivia to Belarus, and from two countries of whose existence I have been completely unaware of: Guernsey and Djibouti. The most ten most popular posts were: 2011 EMRA Antibiotic Guide Mnemonic: How to… Read More »

Medical Books for Sale at One of America’s Largest and Most Prestigious Medical Bookstores

The Barnes & Noble on 5th Avenue and 18th Street in New York City has the largest selection of medical book on the East Coast of the United States, and possibly the world (at least as far as brick and mortar stores are concerned). Founded in 1873, the store has an exceptional quality and selection of medical books. It… Read More »