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Book Review: Human Sectional Anatomy (2009) by Professor Harold Ellis

Human Sectional Anatomy: Atlas of body sections, CT and MRI images (2009) by Professor Harold Ellis is an exceptional anatomy book on many different levels. First, it shows you cadaveric sections that have been dissected in three dimensions to highlight some of the three dimensional sections of (what should have been) a two dimensional cut. It’s pretty hard to describe in words… Read More »

One of the most important images in all of clinical medicine: anatomy of the PA and lateral chest radiograph

The image below, an artistic superimposition of a drawing of chest cardio-vasculature onto a normal PA and lateral chest radiograph is, in my view, one of the most important images in all of clinical medicine.   Source  PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Gillian Lieberman on radiographic chest anatomy and from the Medicine Explained blog.